Wednesday, August 19, 2009

9/11 Trauma Cases Increase in Recent Years

Cases of PTSD among survivors and spectators of the 9/11 attacks has increased since 2003, according to a new report from the World Trade Center Health Registry.

A 2003-2004 survey of more than 46,000 registrants found that only 14% reported having symptoms related to PTSD. Of those surveyed three years later, 19% reported having symptoms.

More than half of the participants who reported having stress symptoms said they had not obtained treatment in the past year.

Witness Justice recogizes the psychological impact of terrorist attacks and seeks policy reform and healing for survivors, as well as others experiencing trauma from the events.

"Passers-by such as commuters and tourists were the most heavily affected, with 23 percent of them reporting symptoms in the latest survey," remarked Deepti Hajela in the Associated Press.

It is clear that trauma from 9/11 isn't going away but rather, the lack of treatment is exacerbating the problem. With such a monumental event of international scale, those affected are likely to trivialize their symptoms. However, everyone deals with the event on a personal scale and shoud seek help if their symptoms persist.

People may feel a sense of numbness and separation from society, or experience certain triggers that will cause anxiety and make them relive the event.

Team Heal Trauma runs for these and other survivors of trauma. Money raised for the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon goes to programs and services that directly impact trauma survivors.

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