Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If you haven't yet, START TRAINING!

There are under 3 months to go until Team Heal Trauma gathers for the Marine Corps Marathon, and that means one thing: it's training time.

Patti Finke, Coach of Team Oregon from Portland's Marathon Training Clinic, says you need at least 3 months "of steady mileage to get that muscle and connective tissue fitness needed to be ready for all the miles of marathon training." The following are some of her tips to get going:

  1. Go Shoe Shopping - don't wait until the Expo to get those new New Balances or saucy Saucony's. Find a technical running store like Fleet Feet and "plan to spend at least 45-60 minutes trying on, running in and having someone watch you run in several models of shoes."
  2. Pump Some Iron - aerobics are good, but putting muscle on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes will adequately prepare you for the stresses of 26.2 kilometers of pavement striking up yor legs.
  3. Flex-Ability - your muscles get tighter as they grow stronger, so make sure and stretch them out. Improving flexibility is key to avoiding cramping and strains. Finke says, "The best time [to stretch] is when the muscles are warm and relaxed. That usually means after you run, not before. You can warm up by walking, or slow jogging and then do a little light stretching."
  4. Alternate Long & Short Workouts - this builds your endurance without overloading you and even takes into account some much needed days off.
  5. Have Fun!

And oh yeah - Stay hydrated...this, of course, is key to maintaining a healthy exercise regimen but will also prevent cramping and exhaustion.

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